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La Escuela Cooperativa de Sayulita - An innovative educational opportunity for our youngest children.

Friends of Escuela Cooperativa de Sayulita is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible and applied directly to the educational experience. There are no administrative costs.

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A collaboration of local families and educators to create an innovative pre-school for 3-5 year old children

La Escuela builds on the natural curiosity of our students to develop a love of learning. We follow a Montessori-style approach: to help children learn independently, retaining the curiosity, creativity and intelligence with which they were born.

Each classroom is considered the “children’s house.” The teachers prepare and maintain the physical, intellectual, and social/emotional environment within which the children will work and play. This all works together to create an environment where the kids, parents and staff feel connected and invested.

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A School Where Everyone's Involved, Especially The Parents

Instead of paying tuition,  parents contribute their time by preparing healthy lunches, cleaning the classroom and maintaining the grounds. In general parents add plumbing, carpentry, and cooking skills.

​They attend monthly meetings and participate in special activities such as building an altar, painting the classrooms, building an enclosure for quiet area, planning fundraisers and graduation.

From 9:00 – 2:00 Monday through Friday, we offer an educational curriculum that includes basic literacy and numeracy skills. We supplement this with weekly music, dance and yoga lessons. Instruction is delivered in Spanish. 


How You Can Get Involved

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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child by paying their educational expenses for a school year. This is $1500 USD per child. We will send quarterly Newsletters, so you can see how you are having a direct impact.

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Donate Supplies

Donate supplies such as books, crayons, paper, paint, etc. We will provide a list if you wish to help in this way.

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Donate For A Specific Component

Donate for a specific component. For instance, $450 USD covers the cost of the after school English language program for ten weeks and $400 USD supports our weekly music program.

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Donate Your Time

Donate your time. Volunteers with specific expertise and experience are always welcomed at Escuela Cooperativa.​

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Purchase Our Cookbook Full of Authentic Family Recipes

The parents of this Montessori school have lovingly contributed their favorite family recipes to share with you and yours.


All net proceeds go directly to the school.

Cost is $30 USD plus shipping

Our Events

Upcoming Events

escuela graduation

Graduation, 2024

July 16, 2024

Parents and teachers are planning for a full day of events starting with a celebration at the school for all students. Following that there will be a ceremony for the 22 graduates and a total of 120 people in a park-like setting with music, food and decorations prepared by the parents. One tradition at Escuela is that each graduate receives a certificate from the teachers and a glass heart from the founders.

We invite you to visit Escuela and experience the joy of learning that is evidenced every day. Engage with us by sharing what brings you joy. And lastly, please share this website with your friends and colleagues.

Recent Events

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“We are so happy this month to be donating to La Escuela Cooperativa, an incredible preschool defying regular school traditions and standards in Sayulita! This forward thinking school follows a Montessori inspired approach, helping children become independent thinkers, feeding their creativity and natural intelligence.”



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