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Meet Our Leaders

Martha & Larry Casazza

Martha and Larry have been coming to Sayulita from Chicago for about 15 years. They instantly fell in love with the people and especially the young children who have all welcomed them into the community. It is an extremely engaged community that encourages local residents to work alongside those just discovering the  beauty of the town.

Before opening Escuela, they held community meetings to listen to what local families wanted for their children. Escuela is the result of their input, and its operation continues to be a true collaboration with regular meetings and a significant parent voice. Martha and Larry have always been interested in education. Martha spent her career as a faculty member and administrator at the university level while Larry was an attorney who also taught in law school both in Chicago and internationally.

Martha Casazza
Larry Casazza
Jessica Lazaro

Jessica Lazaro

Jessica has been coming to Sayulita since she was 13. She studied to be a preschool teacher and worked at the Costa Verde International School as a teacher, coordinator and director. Her youngest son, Santiago, attended Escuela for two years. She serves on our Board and also works with the teachers and parents. Jessica facilitates professional development for the teachers throughout the year and conducts regular classroom observations. She also works closely with the parents to organize events and local fundraisers.

“I believe in the school and love listening to the parents who are grateful for the education the school is giving them.”

students outside

Lucero Roxana Adams Lopez

Roxy’s family has a long history in Sayulita. Her grandmother was one of its first settlers and is still known to everyone in town for her generosity and community spirit. Roxy follows that tradition by volunteering.

Lucero Roxana Adams Lopez
Lucero Roxana Adams Lopez with students

She interacts with our vendors and often acts as liaison to our accountant. She has taught English through leading the students through science experiments in the classroom. Her enthusiasm and passion are at the heart of Escuela Cooperativa.

Cap Sparling

Cap Sparling

Cap has been coming to Sayulita for over 30 years and lives there full time. He  is a former Montessori School teacher who chose that educational approach for a variety of reasons including the mixed ages of the children and creating an environment where they learn at their own speed.  He also loves how the children teach each other.

He feels it's important for children to learn a second language when it's so easy for them, and in Sayulita that is only happening in the private schools and Escuela Cooperativa. It is thanks to Cap’s generosity that Escuela is now located on a beautiful piece of land. In 2019, he donated the property to Escuela’s Civil Association. Cap also frequently volunteers to teach English to the children.  ​

Cap Sparling with student
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