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"Me gusta se ven felices los ninos. "
(I like that the kids look happy.)
"Mil gracias que Linda se ve mi nina feliz! Aligual ques los demas peques. "
(Thank you that Linda is my happy girl! Like the other kids.)

"We just love the fact that its Spanish families and locals and the Montessori bit and the fact that he can learn Spanish. There’s different elements, whether it’s the art or the music. I think you could tell that the teachers all really love the kids, especially the first year. I feel like Jasper would come home with lipstick kiss marks every couple days. Lots of love for sure."

"But you know, it really helped him a lot. He wasn’t very social with other kids when he went in and now he’s just like, over a year later, and he’s totally a different boy. So I think that’s kind of the most important thing about school at that age, the social interaction."

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