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February 2024 Newsletter

The terms "cooperativa" and "commitment" have taken on an additional meaning this year at Escuela.

The parents have enthusiastically contributed their time and skills to help support the school. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, families came together to make huge pots of pozole, a traditional dish, and sell it in the plaza. This was done at their initiative in order to pay for closing an opening in the wall at the school. In November, they came together again with their family recipes to create a cookbook. We have sold nearly 100 copies! The proceeds go directly to the education of the children. An additional outcome is an increased feeling of involvement and pride among the parents. They are, indeed, engaged in the education of their children. 

Meanwhile in the classroom, the children continue to learn through small motor skills...physical so much more! Individually and together, their development is exciting.

Escuela does not close its doors at 2:00. Having an overall impact on Sayulita is important to us. We provide space for local programs that enhance our mission and serve the broader community. Our partnership with Mujeres Movimiento has provided English language classes for public school students aged 6-12 and workshops for local women that explore areas the women have identified as emotionally challenging.

We are excited that we expanded this year to create more opportunities for local families. to maintain our quality and continue our service to the community, We need your help. 

Please join us to support local students. This tuition-free school is only possible through individuals like you who believe that early access to education and creating a family-based community around school is significant. We welcome all donations. You can support one child for a year with a donation of $1500 USD. For $450 USD, you will be sending a child to the English Language after-school program.  Please visit our website at  to see other options that will help us keep our promise to the families of Sayulita.


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