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Fiesta Fun Fun

We welcomed Spring with Fiesta Fun Fun, a benefit attended by parents, teachers and community members. Jesse, Edgar's father, spoke about how much Escuela had helped his son's growth and love of learning. Edgar will attend the public primaria next year.

Our local benefit was sponsored by Chaman Restaurant and supported by many local businesses who donated meals and personalized in-home events to the silent auction. Other donations included a tequila tasting, tarot reading and local villas that participants bid on.


La Escuela Cooperativa de Sayulita is a collaboration of local families and educators to create an innovative pre-school for 3-5 year old children.

La Escuela builds on the natural curiosity of our students to develop a love of learning. We follow a Montessori-style approach: to help children learn independently, retaining the curiosity, creativity and intelligence with which they were born.

Each classroom is considered the “children’s house.” The teachers prepare and maintain the physical, intellectual, and social/emotional environment within which the children will work and play. This all works together to create an environment where the kids, parents and staff feel connected and invested.


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